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Mulch Mulch

When you need more than mulch, we can help

Choose from a variety of mulch for your needs

  • Natural hardwood mulch: triple grind or double grind

  • Color enhanced mulch: brown, black or red

  • Stone, sand or dust

  • Playground cover

We now sell boulders to provide your yard with that extra piece to separate you from your neighbors.  We can also provide you with many types of soil to give your yard and garden area the best look in the area,

$1 OFF one scoop of mulch, topsoils or mushroom soil

Add value to your yard with our assortment of mulches

Mulch is a blanket for your soil, holding in moisture during the heat of summer, insulating plants during the cold weather, it also keeps weeds under control and makes your garden area easier to care for. There are numerous choices of mulch. Let us help you pick the right mulch for you. We have quality products and you can always stop by to see the screening process. We have been serving the Harrisburg area for the last 25 years, providing competitive pricing and offering both local delivery and pick up services.